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Body Babes Project

Meet the Coach

Hey, my name is Lianna and I'm a body shape coach. I specialise in helping you create your dream body shape.

I focus on correcting your posture, reducing pain and getting you stronger than ever before. I work with people who want to look their absolute best and feel that way too!

Here at The Bar, I offer 30 and 45-minute training sessions, where we will work on technique and strength building.

I provide body composition tracking and a training program designed to give you the complete framework to create your ideal body shape!

Contact Now

to enquire about The Body Babes Project's services


0421 729 220

The Bar Brisbane

8/36 Bunya Street,

Eagle Farm QLD 4009


What does a session look like?

Weekly coaching sessions can be either 30 or 45 minutes long.

Sessions are focussed on correcting technique, so you can improve mobility, reduce pain and correct your posture. We focus on getting you moving correctly first, before moving onto building strength and lifting heavy!


Understanding how to manipulate techniques is essential in getting the most out of every movement for your body's unique build. This helps in targeting particular muscle groups to enhance the body you want to build.

Can you help with nutrition?

I create nutrition plans that complement your body type and work within your lifestyle. By using both meal plans and macro tracking, I help you to understand what's in the food you're choosing for your body and why.

I work with you to find a diet outline that suits your lifestyle and complement's your body's needs. Meal plans and macro tracking keep it interesting and inclusive of all food groups so you never feel deprived.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch!


0421 729 220

The Bar Brisbane

8/36 Bunya Street,

Eagle Farm QLD 4009

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