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Tough Enough 2

Huge thanks to everyone who competed at Tough Enough 2 it was a great competition!
Scroll down to see the full results.


  1. Medley (15 Meters) Box Carry, Single Arm Farmers (both arms), Circus DB Duck Walk, Axle Front Rack Carry + Chains. Implement must completely cross the line. Duck walk must be done with locked elbows and axle bar must be carried across the shoulders.

  2. Viking Press Max reps in 60 seconds or when bar touches the rack. Hinge point is setup at athletes shoulder height. Weight listed is the plate load. Must wait for the down command and a press command.

  3. Sandbag Carry 3 min time limit or when bag touches floor. Must be carried in front of the body. You can stop and reset as long as the bag doesn't go up onto the shoulder or touch the floor. Every 15m length is counted you must make the next length for it to count if you drop it half way your previous length will be recorded. If there is a tie whoever did it faster wins.

  4. Atlas Stone to shoulder  90 sec time limit. Must wait for a down command with the non loaded arm stretched out.

  5. Deadlift One rep max, 3 attempts in a flight powerlifting style. Lapping, hitching and straps are all legal. Bar must not be dropped after the down command.



  1. 62.5, 62.5, 62.5, 70

  2. 70kg

  3. 110kg

  4. 80kg

  5. One rep max


  1. 70kg (dead ball)

  2. 40kg (dead ball)

  3. 35, 35, 35, 40

  4. 37.5kg
  5. One rep max



  1. 72.5, 72.5, 72.5, 80

  2. 85kg

  3. 110kg

  4. 98kg  

  5. One rep max


  1. 70kg (dead ball)

  2. 60kg

  3. 45, 45, 45, 50

  4. 45kg

  5. One rep max

though enough medley.png
tough enough viking press.png
tough enough sandbag.png
tough enough atlas stone 2 shoulder.png
tough enough deadlift.png
tough enough 2 score.png
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