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Underdog Strength

Become Adaptable, not adapted.


Underdog Strength believes our motto “Relentless Growth” is what sets us apart. We put a focus on movement literacy, so that no matter the situation you find yourself in, you can use underlying principles to adapt and overcome. This approach places each individual in the situation to take advantage of their personal skills. To attack their weaknesses relentlessly with a clear and open mind.


We follow a simple concept:

1. Correct Movement

2. Lift Heavy Things

3. Move at Speed


Underdog Strength offers three programs that you can take advantage of:


Athlete Strong - This is our premiere program for athletes of all shapes and sizes. Wether you’re looking to dominate the field, conquer the platform or destroy the ring we know how get you to where you need to be.


Performance Strong - this is our foundational Group Fitness program. The beauty of Performance Strong is that you can join our group classes in person, or still take part in all the action from the other side of the world via online. This program follows our simple concept above and provides all members with the opportunity to not only feel good lifting weights, but also look like a stunner as well. Performance Strong provides you with daily sessions, weekly correspondence, a YouTube exercise library of all exercises, plus access to the Underdog Strength private FB forum where we discuss all aspects of performance from sleep and nutrition, to recovery and programming adaptations.


1 on 1 Coaching - Underdog Strength also provides you with the opportunity to be coached personally for 30, 45 or 60min. The most direct and specific work can always be accomplished in person and 1 on 1. This is where we get to see everything you do, and know exactly how we need to adapt your training to conquer your goals.


“Being weak is a choice. At some point, to get stronger, you’re going to have to add weight to the bar.” - John Welbourn

To take your training and performance to the next level, get in contact today:
M| 0412 978 703
E| info.coachdarius@gmail.com @underdog_strength
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