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The Bar Brisbane

Strength - Conditioning  -  Powerlifting  -  Bodybuilding
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The Bar Brisbane is a strength and conditioning gym located in Brisbane. We specialise and cater for everyone from bare bones beginners to world record holding athletes. We offer a non-intimidating training environment with a large open gym floor where egos are left at the door.

The Bar Brisbane is packed with world class equipment, the majority being from Rogue USA, who are the main supplier for USPLA and Crossfit. We have specialty squat, bench and deadlift bars allowing our members to get the most out of their training. We prioritse our members safety by providing face savers on our benches and power racks for squatting.

Culture and a sense of community are the backbone of long term success. We will help you reach, and then most importantly, maintain your goals. The Bar Brisbane will often do community events such as a simple  BBQ night, external gatherings to take on a new challenge, or just catch up for a burger. We encourage everyone to partake and be a part of our gym.

The Bar Brisbane has a very strong and established community of lifters who will welcome everyone and make you feel at home. Training at The Bar Brisbane means training side by side with international level lifters and several world record holders who are more than happy to socialize and assist no matter the level and experience of a member.