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Bragging Rights 2

The Bar Brisbane is excited to host Bragging Rights 2 for the second year running!

Last year it was a massive hit and everyone had a great time.

It's a great way to finish off the year.

Spectators Free!

Our goal is to create a novice competition which has a welcome and inviting environment for beginner Strongmen and Strongwomen to compete in. With ample parking and toilet facilities The Bar Brisbane is the perfect setup to experience a first class competition without the pressure of a sanctioned meet.

Weight Classes

Male: U100kg & O100kg

Female: U75kg & O75kg

General Rules

  1. This competition is open to novice competitors who haven't placed in any prior meets or competed at a national level in Strongman.

  2. You must wear a T-shirt for all events. Overly baggy clothing isn't acceptable (Track suit pants etc).

  3. Knee Sleeves, knee wraps, wrist wraps and belts are permitted.

A full break down of rules and exceptions will be sent out prior to the meet.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Once payment is received you will be emailed a registration/ waiver form.

Payments are final and are not refundable.

Weight classes and event loads are subject to change and will be finalised at least four weeks out from competition.

1. Medley

Sled drag – Box Carry – Farmer walk (weight listed is combined load)– Tyre Flip for max rep timed for 90 seconds.

Light weight men: 150kg - 45kg - 90kg - 172.5kg

Heavy weight men: 175kg - 50kg - 110kg - 172.5kg

Light weight woman: 75kg - 35kg - 60kg - 172.5kg

Heavy weight woman: 125kg – 40kg - 80kg -172.5kg

2. Yoke 20m for time

Light weight men: 180kg

Heavy weight men: 220kg

Light weight woman: 120kg

Heavy weight woman: 160kg

3.  Sandbag carry max meters

Light weight men: 58kg

Heavy weight men: 110kg

Light weight woman: 58kg

Heavy weight woman: 58kg

4.  Log Press 1RM

Three attempts powerlifting style.

5. Truck/ Car Pull Harness

Light weight men: TBA

Heavy weight men: TBA

Light weight woman: TBA

Heavy weight woman: TBA

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