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Triple Shot Challenge

We're excited to announce a new competition which will feature at our birthday party each year the "Triple Shot Challenge".


This modified powerlifting competition consists of completing a squat, bench and deadlift in a three minute time slot with 100% of entry fees going to Australian Working Dog Rescue!

Entry fee is $30


No prior experience is required and we encourage everyone to give it a go. While there are some minor prizes for the biggest totals, this comp is just for a bit of fun and to raise money for charity.

The competition will start from 5pm on the 31st of July with a maximum of 20 entrants, 10 male and 10 female.

General Rules

  1. The three minute timer will start from the squat command and you must complete the bench press and receive deadlift down command before it ends.

  2. You must wear a T-shirt for squats and bench press and a singlet is fine for deadlifts. You don't have to wear a competition soft suit however overly baggy clothing isn't acceptable. You must have full length tights or long socks that reach the knee cap for deadlifts.

  3. Knee Sleeves, knee wraps, wrist wraps and belts are permitted, though no straps allowed for deadlifts.

  4. Unlike a regular powerlifting competition there will only be one attempt at the challenge allowed.

A full break down of rules and exceptions will be sent out prior to the meet.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Once payment is received you will be emailed a registration / waiver form.


Payments are final and are not refundable.

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