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Tuff Enuff

The Bar Brisbane is excited to host Tuff Enuff!


Tuff Enuff's goal is to create a welcome and inviting environment for beginner strongman and women to compete in. The Bar Brisbane is the perfect setup to experience a first class strongman competition.


General Rules

  1. The novice class is open to novice competitors who haven't placed in any prior meets or competed at a national level in strongman. Light and heavy weight classes are open to all competitors.

  2. You must wear a T-shirt for all events and overly baggy clothing isn't acceptable. You need to either have full length tights or long socks that reach the knee cap for deadlifts.

  3. Equipment is acceptable on a per movement basis. Please check the rules for each lift.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


  1. Medley (yoke, farmers, sled, trap bar)

  2. Axel bar clean & press reps in 60 seconds

  3. Strict curl one rep max

  4. Silver dollar deadlift reps in 60 seconds

  5. Log press one rep max

For rules and loads for each event please visit our facebook event page.

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